When You Speak for Children...
OECTA Position Papers

Based on member surveys, feedback from unit presidents, emerging political platforms in 2012, OECTA created five key position papers to frame pertinent educational and union related issues.

The "When you speak for children..." booklet contains the Association's positions on policies affecting education and our support for policy initiatives that promote the common good.

The five position papers are separated below:

When you speak for children...

You build a solid foundation for every child.

Learning goes beyond the basics.

Barriers to learning disappear.

You support lifelong learning.

You protect the common good.


Based on the themes of the position papers, advertisements have been created.

When you speak for children...

Learning goes beyond the basics.

We come to school ready to learn.

Our school has dynamic programs.

Apprenticeship programs are available to me.

My future is brighter.

Reaching the public in 2012-2013 >>


OECTA’s ongoing public education advocacy campaign includes a series of messages posted on the billboard at Bay and Gerrard Streets in Toronto.

Students Succeed When Schools are Safe and Welcoming

Building Stronger Communities. Together.

Teaching Students to be Prepared for a Changing World

Governments Should Listen

Education Funding is a Priority

Exciting Opportunities are Possible

Peace Over Injustice

Libraries Stay Open

Schools are Safe and Welcoming

Learning Goes Beyond the Basics

My Future is Brighter

Our School Has Dynamic Programs

We Come to School Ready to Learn

We All Build a Better Tomorrow

Speak For Children Campaign 2012

Extraordinary Teachers. Extraordinary Impact.

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OECTA’s Speak For Children campaign messaging to the public continues with a focus on teachers in Ontario’s Catholic schools, whose expertise and impact in the classroom is moving Ontario’s education system from great to excellent, every day.

Read more about how Ontario is in the process of making the transition from "great" to "excellent"...

Exraordinary Impact