Release: Protecting Public Services the Key to Ontario’s Future


July 21, 2010

OECTA President James Ryan emerged from a meeting with Finance Minister Dwight Duncan July 20 and reported that, “It is important to understand that the meeting with Minister Duncan in no way resembles what took place during the Social Contract period. Our collective agreements remain in effect until September 2012 and will not change.”

The Finance Minister met with public service union leaders and employers yesterday to deliver the message that the Liberal government intends to protect key public services like education and health care as it works to reduce and eliminate Ontario’s deficit in the coming years. However, he was clear that in order to protect such services, responsible management of compensation increases will be important. The measures discussed Tuesday had been previously announced in the 2010 budget speech.

 “The on going dialogue that we have had with this government has convinced them of the importance of respecting all current collective agreements,” said Ryan. He indicated that while OECTA will continue to listen to what the government has to say about future compensation, “the Association will continue to deliver the messages that a free and unfettered collective bargaining process is essential, that strong public services are important to Ontarians and that they are critical to its future economic success.”


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Remarks To Broader Public Sector Partners On Compensation
by Dwight Duncan, Minister Of Finance
July 20, 2010