Honour is Their Due

The AGM Awards

Each year, OECTA recognizes individuals who have served the Association with distinction and/or who have made outstanding contributions to the Association or to Catholic Education. These Awards are presented in March of every year at the Annual General Meeting.

Nominations are to be submitted to the Awards Committee by October 15th of each year for the following Awards:
  • The Life Membership Award - For retired members who have provided distinguished service to the Association at the provincial level.

  • Honorary Membership - For individuals (who are not eligible for Life Membership) who have made an outstanding contribution to the Association or to Catholic education.

Nomination forms are available by emailing awards@oecta.on.ca and must be submitted no later than October 15th of each year. After that date, nominations for the current academic year will no longer be accepted.

The Communications Awards

The award program celebrates achievement among OECTA units for their communication projects, websites and publications. Information and entry forms for Communication Awards are distributed to units in January.

  • Web Deisgn
  • Publication
  • Public/Media Relations
  • Catholic Connection
  • Most Improved Website or Publication

The Young Authors Awards

OECTA is proud to sponsor the annual Young Authors Awards/Prix Jeunes Écrivains. The awards celebrate the writing talents and accomplishments of students, who submit short stories, poems, nonfiction articles and reports in both English and French.

Information about Young Authors Awards procedures are distributed to Association Representatives in schools early in the school year.