Additional Qualification (AQ) Courses
New subsidies make summer learning affordable!
Take a summer AQ course in Math and upon successful completion, receive a $450 subsidy. That brings the course costs down to just $150.

Obtaining Math Subsidy for courses not taken through OECTA
The attached form and necessary documentation must be submitted for any subsidy request for members who took courses from other providers.

You do not need an OECTA membership number to register for OECTA AQ courses - courses are open to members and non members.

Eligibility criteria
Please read the eligibility prerequisites, required documentation, policies & procedures >>

Plan to attend the upcoming session
Instructional AQ
Course Dates
Fall/Winter 2014

September 29 - December 19 for online courses. For face-to-face courses, check the course offerings for start and end dates.

Opens June 10
Closes Sept 9

Register for a course
• select an AQ course from the left menu
• review the course prerequisites and ensure you meet the eligibility criteria
• click the REGISTER NOW button; credit card payment is processed online using Visa or MasterCard

Contact the Assistant Registrar:
Phone: 416-925-2493 or 1-800-268-7230