Additional Qualification (AQ) Courses
Now you can take some OECTA AQ courses one module at a time

What does this mean? An innovative, accessible and affordable way for you to enhance your professional development!

Modular learning allows you the choice to take one section/module of a course at a time. Modules are short and inexpensive, giving you more flexibility in planning your professional development. And, if you take all the modules for a course you will still receive the additional qualification. In the modular format, you can complete an AQ course over a two-year period.

The choice is yours! Current offerings include:
• (Student) Assessment and Evaluation
• Integration of Information and Computer Technology in Instruction, Part 1
• Reading, Part 1
• Religious Education, Part 2
• Teaching Students with Communication Needs (Autism Spectrum Disorders)

You do not need an OECTA membership number to register for OECTA AQ courses - courses are open to members and non members.

Eligibility criteria
Please read the eligibility prerequisites, required documentation, policies & procedures >>

Plan to attend the upcoming session.
AQ courses
Course Dates
Fall/Winter 2014

September 29 - December 19 for online courses. For face-to-face courses,
check the course offerings for start and end dates.

Opens June 10
Closes Sept 9

AQ Modules

Start dates


Fall/Winter 2014

Schedule through fall 2016 >>

Opens June 10
Closes Sept 9

Register for a course
• select an AQ course from the left menu: Some AQ courses offer modules.
• review the course prerequisites and ensure you meet the eligibility criteria
• click the REGISTER NOW button; credit card payment is processed online using Visa or MasterCard

Contact the Assistant Registrar:
Phone: 416-925-2493 or 1-800-268-7230