Additional Qualification (AQ) Courses and Modules
Now you can take some OECTA AQ courses one module at a time
  • An innovative, accessible and affordable way for you to enhance your professional development!

  • Move to A4 as quickly as possible! Did you know that the average teacher who stays at A3 loses almost $170,000 over their 30-year career and $340,000+ in their pension years?

Modular learning allows you the choice to take one section/module of a course at a time. Modules are short and inexpensive, giving you more flexibility in planning your professional development. And, if you take all the modules for a course you will still receive the additional qualification. In the modular format, you can complete an AQ course over a two-year period.

The choice is yours! Current offerings include:
Student Assessment and Evaluation
Integration of Information and Computer Technology in Instruction, Part I
Reading, Part 1
Religious Education, Part II
Teaching Students with Communication Needs (Autism Spectrum Disorders)

Courses are open to OECTA members and non members
You do not need an OECTA membership number to register for OECTA AQ courses.

Eligibility criteria
Please read the eligibility prerequisites, required documentation, policies & procedures >>

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AQ courses
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Spring 2015
AQ Courses: March 23 to June 5

Opens December 2

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• select an AQ course from the left menu: Some AQ courses offer modules.
• review the course prerequisites and ensure you meet the eligibility criteria
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The OECTA AQ Administration Committee has determined that if a participant in an AQ course plagiarizes in part or in whole an assignment required for the course, then that participant must withdraw from the course and forfeit their tuition.

If a participant wishes to retake any course from which they had to withdraw, they may do so and are responsible for the full payment of tuition for the second attempt of the course.

Contact the Assistant Registrar:
Phone: 416-925-2493 or 1-800-268-7230